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1. Will the Ezyplanter work in my drill?

The Ezyplanter is designed to fit in any standard power drill whether it has a 10mm (3/8th inch) chuck or 13mm (1/2 inch) chuck.

The hex-shaped end of the Ezyplanter fits securely into the chuck and prevents it from slipping when the operating the drill.


2. What settings should I use on my power drill when using the Ezyplanter?

We recommend using the drill in screwdriver mode and with the slowest speed setting as shown in the example below:

optimum drill settings


 Also if your drill has adjustable torque set it to the highest setting. 


3. Will the Ezyplanter work on my corded drill?

Yes, the Ezyplanter works on both corded and cordless drills.  A cordless drill, of course, saves you the hassle of running extension leads.


4. Will the Ezyplanter work on clay soil?

We have tested our Ezyplanter on hard clay soil which is quite common in Auckland and it performs very well. Please ensure to use the recommended drill setting mentioned in 2.


5. Do you need the hammer mode function in your drill?

No, in fact, we do not recommend using the hammer mode function at all as it will likely damage the hex-shaped end of the Ezyplanter.


6. Will the Ezyplanter bend out of shape in hard ground?

The Ezyplanter is made of heavy duty solid steel and won't bend or deform out of shape when using in hard ground. Only wear and tear you should expect is the paint wearing off but this is only cosmetic. Our products are commercial grade of the highest quality.

We do not recommend using it in concrete or heavily rocky areas as it not designed for that.

When using the Ezyplanter, ensure that the chuck is securely tightened and check regularly that it hasn't loosened with the vibration when digging.

If the chuck is loose when using the Ezyplanter, the hex end can get damaged (stripped) by the drill.  This will void the lifetime warranty.


7. What drill do you recommend?

You can use the Ezyplanter with any standard power drill, however, we do find the good quality 18V models work best.


8. Will the Ezyplanter cut through tree roots?

The Ezyplanter is an earth auger. It is designed to dig holes in the ground and not for cutting through tree roots. If there are small roots in the ground the Ezyplanter will dig through them fine. However, If the small roots are quite dense then the Ezyplanter will get tangled.

We suggest if you have large roots that need to be dug out and you don't want to labor hard, then hire the services of a good stump grinder.


9. Does my drill need a side handle?

A side handle certainly gives you better control when using the Ezyplanter. However if your drill doesn't have one you can use your other hand to grip the back of the drill to give you better control especially in harder ground.


10. What are you shipping time frames ?

Our processing time is within 24hrs of receiving your order. Shipping time frames to your NZ and Australia are as follows:

New Zealand  2-4 working days
Australia   3-10 working days