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About Us

Ezyplanter™ is a New Zealand owned company specializing in gardening earth auger tools.
We understand it can be hard to find time for Gardening with our busy lives. And digging and planting can be an arduous task. That's why Our mission at Ezyplanter is to make things easier and help you plant more. 
Looking to dig holes in the garden in a matter of seconds?
Our Ezyplanter auger attaches to your regular cordless or corded drill and turns it into a soil digging machine.
There's no need to use your spade, fork or trowel to dig. Use our Ezyplanter to dig holes for planting super-fast in a matter of seconds !!!
Ezyplanter is the easy way to:
  • Plant bulbs, flowers, vegetables, cuttings, any small plants or punnets.
  • Till soil in the garden or planter boxes.
  • Mix seed, soil, compost fertilizer and even paint or mortar mix.
    Made from commercial grade solid carbon steel our Ezyplanter™ augers are hand-crafted and built to last you a life time.
    There is a world of gardening to be enjoyed and you have come to the right place to help you make planting easy.
    Sam - Founder

     Ezyplanter - Planting Made Easy